Alfons Laarman

I am the primary lecturer of the following Leiden courses and contributed as guest lecturer in Vienna. I currently design a course on quantum computing for the joint TU Delft / Leiden master program called QIST. The QIST master will start in 2023/2024.

To provide a real-world envirnment for students of the following the Software Engineering course, I founded LUdev. This virtual company, ran by students, that executes software development projects for academia and industry.

Student Supervision


  • Max Blankestijn (LeidenU, ongoing)
  • Daan Wöltgers (TU/e, ongoing)
  • Federico Brian (LeidenU / UPadua)
  • Martijn Swenne (LeidenU)
  • Sebastiaan Brand (LeidenU / TU Delft)
  • Jos Zandvliet (LeidenU)
  • Rachel de Jong (LeidenU, research project)
  • Luc Edixhoven (LeidenU)
  • Sevak Mardirosian (LeidenU)
  • Stef van Dijk (LeidenU)
  • Richard Huybers (LeidenU)
  • Julius Koschny (LeidenU, research project)
  • Frederick van der Meulen (LeidenU, research project)
  • Niek Buwalda (LeidenU, research project)
  • Vincent Bloemen (UTwente)
  • Freark van der Berg (UTwente)
  • Tom van Dijk (UTwente)
  • Ronald Burgman (UTwente)


  • Lucas Allison (LeidenU, ongoing)
  • Elze de Vink (LeidenU)
  • Diego van Egmond (LeidenU)
  • Michael van der Zwart (LeidenU)
  • Louise Kubatz (LeidenU)
  • Levente Bajczi (Budapest University of Technology)
  • Wanjung Xu (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
  • Yuanmin Xu (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
  • Ralph Driessen (LeidenU)
  • Marcel Kolenbrander (LeidenU, LION)
  • Martijn Swenne (LeidenU)
  • Olaf Randel (LeidenU)
  • Timon Bakker (LeidenU)
  • Benjamin Steffens (LeidenU)
  • Corjan Meijerink (LeidenU, LION)
  • Martijn Wester (LeidenU)
  • Wanjung (Cassie) Xu (LeidenU)
  • Yannik Marchand (LeidenU)
  • Romke Bak (LeidenU)
  • Tony Campmans (LeidenU)
  • Rachel de Jong (LeidenU)
  • Niek Buwalda (LeidenU)
  • Simon de Vries (UTwente)
  • Steven van der Vegt (UTwente)
  • Freark van der Berg (UTwente)
© Alfons Laarman 2022
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